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American Roll-Up Door Company – Dock Levelers and Lifts 

Your loading dock might represent one of the busiest facets of your business, and the American Roll-Up Door Company of Florida is ready to help you upgrade, expand, renew, or remodel your loading dock equipment with industry-leading loading dock levelers and loading dock lifts. We regularly work with the owners of busy warehouses, hectic manufacturing operations, large-scale commercial establishments, and heavy-duty industrial sites.  

Our expertly trained installation technicians are ready to help you improve your loading docks. Not only can we assist with the installation of loading dock equipment, but we can also help you figure out which items might serve your company best. Do you need a mechanical dock leveler for your retail store? Is your loading dock inaccessible because of machinery that breaks often? Let us help you improve your vital equipment with upgrades and replacements using the best equipment the industry has to offer.

Dock Levelers and Lifts Products and Installation Services

The loading and unloading of goods, and equipment takes place on a loading dock. Commercial facilities’ loading dock systems provide easy access for the transfer of commodities. Loading docks are designed and engineered for warehouses, retail businesses, manufacturing operationscommercial establishments, and industrial applications.

American Roll-Up Door Co., a division of DuraServ, carries the full line of Serco dock levelers and lifts, and APS brand loading dock accessories. Connect with us online or call us today for a free quote: Jacksonville, FL(904) 695‐0950, Orlando, FL(407) 857‐2427, Tampa, FL(813) 643‐7000

Mechanical Dock Levelers

Serco mechanical dock levelers set the industry standard for durability, dependability, operator safety, and are built to last with unlimited float hold-down.

We Sell & Install Dock Levelers & Dock Lifts 

We sell loading dock levelers manufactured by Serco, loading dock accessories from APS, and specialty loading dock levelers from Serco and Loadhog. When you come to us for assistance with your loading dock equipment, we may recommend a mechanical dock leveler, a hydraulic dock leveler, or an air-powered dock leveler. We have experience with all types of loading dock levelers and dock and in-plant lifts. 

Some of the businesses where we’ve installed loading dock equipment include transportation and transit facilities, automobile dealership service centers, heavy industrial buildings, and manufacturing plants. We’ve also installed loading dock levelers and lifts for distribution centers, food and beverage facilities, pharmaceutical companies, and parking garages. Across Florida, we’ve developed many loading dock solutions for our customers, which have varied from the small, vital businesses that support our communities to the large, multistate corporations that require heavy-duty equipment and loading dock solutions.

Hydraulic Dock Levelers

Serco hydraulic dock levelers are specially designed to handle the fast pace of busy loading docks and offer high-performance, low-maintenance, fast, easy, and safe push-button operation.

All About Dock Levelers 

A dock leveler helps bridge the gap between your loading dock and the trailer. They also help remove differences in height from the dock to the truck as the truck is unloaded for delivery or loaded for departure and transport. A dock leveler will have a ramp attached to the leveler with a hinge and a lip at the front of the ramp. With regular attention paid to cleaning and maintenance, your loading dock leveler will work flawlessly for many years. 

Our loading dock solutions are available with every available loading dock style, from hydraulic to air-powered to mechanical dock levelers. A mechanical dock leveler is an affordable and sturdy option when you require a workhorse of a leveler for your facility. We may also recommend a hydraulic dock leveler, which is designed with the push-button operation, which can improve the safety of your employees.

Air Powered Dock Levelers

Serco air-powered dock levelers provide operational efficiency, reliability, and are a low-maintenance solution with a simple push-button activation to raise the deck.

  • Serco Air Bag Dock Leveler Model AB 
  • Serco Air Powered Edge-of-Dock Model

Dock Lifts. Everything You Need to Know 

If your loading dock or receiving facility’s architecture and layout is small and won’t accommodate a long ramp, we may recommend one of our loading dock lifts, which can help you move freight from your trucks to the ground. A loading dock lift can improve your facility’s safety level by reducing the need for your employees to manually transport materials from the truck bed to the ground via a ramp or other unsafe means. 

We can install any of nine different loading dock lifts from Serco, including:  

Features of our loading dock lifts include: 

  • Self-lubricating composite bearings. 
  • Maintenance locks built into the base frames. 
  • Velocity fuses on cylinders that prevent uncontrolled descents. 

We can handle service and installation requests across Florida from our Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa locations.

Specialty Dock Levelers and Loading Dock Accessories 

Not only do we install hydraulic, air-powered, and mechanical dock levelers, but we also have specialty dock levelers, which may offer features like hydraulic components, manual override options, and high tensile steel construction. For example, in our Serco vertical dock levelers, you’ll see design highlights like indicator lights, patented hinged bottom draft pads, and push-button operation. We even have hydraulic rail levelers explicitly designed for facilities that work with rail cars to improve your operation’s efficiency. 

In addition to our full range of loading dock levelers, lifts, and specialty dock levelers, we also have loading dock accessories that can improve your operation even more. Your facility might benefit from an APS dock leveler T-track brush weather seal, which helps tracks stay in place through strong, galvanized steel. We may also recommend a chain sealer, which will help reduce the likelihood of rodents and bugs entering your facility through chain openings.

Loading Dock Design Services 

One of the most valuable services we offer is loading dock design, which can dramatically improve your existing loading dock environment. We help you improve your facility’s productivity, enhance your loading dock safety, and reduce capital costs. We look at every design detail to ensure that you don’t have to deal with any unfortunate surprises that can increase the cost of your loading dock design project. 

We have field sales and service representatives that will consult with you and offer a detailed proposal for your project, as well as value-added alternatives that may help you remain on budget. We can assist with everything from the initial design phase to the final installation. We can even set up regular maintenance checks to ensure that your loading dock equipment remains operational and doesn’t experience any unexpected breakdowns or problems. 

Get Parts & Service for Your Loading Dock Equipment 

You can trust the American Roll-Up Door Company to assist with any project related to your loading dock levelers and loading dock lifts. We work in cities across Florida and guide equipment choice and design and maintenance for all of your loading dock equipment needs. Let us help you improve your loading environment to improve your bottom line and the safety of your employees. Contact the American Roll-Up Door Company today.

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American Roll-Up Door Co.a division of DuraServ, offers complete solutions for commercial loading dock system demands from designingsalesinstallation, and service. Our expert sales consultants help discover the perfect solution for your loading dock needs within your budget.

DuraServ was awarded the 2019 Serco/Kelly Top Volume Distributor for the 16th year.

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