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American Roll-Up Door Co. provides the best quality commercial doors to the Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville and surrounding areas. Whether your commercial door interests lie in energy efficiency, fire protection, function ability, or aesthetic appearance; the professionals at American Roll-Up Door Co. has the experience to match the right door with your commercial property needs. From rolling grilles to knock out doors and high speed spiral doors, we’ve got them all. When creating an efficient loading dock design, there is no such thing as “just a door”. It’s a process of precisely analyzing and assessing the details of your entire operation and then specifying the doors that are most suitable. And it’s something we do very well. You can be confident that, whatever the application, we’ve got the right doors. For the right door for your commercial property, call American Roll-Up Door Co. today!

High Performance Doors

Hormann-Flexon Speed-Guardian™ 4000 U

Urethane Panel Sections

The 1-5/8″ thick door panel made of hot-dipped galvanized steel, provides a durable and lasting surface. A urethane core with an R-value of 13.6 and U-value < 0.5 (U-value of core and steel skin) provides optimum insulation, reduces loss of conditioned air and contributes to energy savings. Synthetic panel connectors provide an extremely smooth and quiet door operation.

Built-in Light Grid

The standard light grid is integral with the guide tracks making it less susceptible to damage by passing loads. This system enhances protection of personnel and goods and drastically reduces the likelihood of damage and repair to other parts of the door, saving on maintenance costs.

Exclusive Duratec® Insulated Windows

The Duratec®insulated windows are coated with a special finish which prevents marks and scratches caused by cleaning, and retain clear view after many cleanings. The synthetic double panes provide good thermal insulation while being fully transparent. The Speed-Guardian™ 4000 U door is available with a complete vision panel, designed for the pleasing aesthetic appeal some applications require.

Application / Size

Suitable for exterior or interior applications up to 22’0″ wide x 20’0″ high. Full-view option available for doorways up to 16’0″ wide x 16’0″ high.

Operating Speed

Opening: Up to 80″ per second. Closing: 18″ per second.


1-5/8″ thick x 10″ high panel sections are made of hot-dipped galvanized steel with a urethane foam core and have an R-value of 13.6. Section joints with intermediate seals create a pinch resistant panel.

The standard color is RAL 9006 White Aluminum on both the exterior and interior. The exterior surface comes with a Micrograin™ finish, the interior is stucco-textured.

Comparing R-value and U-value

R-value refers only to the panel’s resistance against energy loss. U-value is an internationally recognized measurement tool that provides data about the energy flow lost through the total panel construction including the panel, seals, windows, etc. The 4000’s solid sections provide the most efficient U-value available today.


Optional windows are 7″ high acrylic, doublepane, with vertical reinforcement and black window frames.

A Duratec® synthetic glazing enables the windows to retain clear view even after many cleanings and with heavy use. The optional complete vision panel has windows running the entire height of the door.

Guide Tracks

Guide tracks are made of hot-dipped galvanized steel and have an enclosed chain and integral light grid.

The chain requires no re-tensioning and is resistant to distension.

Optional low-headroom track configuration available. Consult factory for more information.

Direct-Drive Motor

Compact, self-monitoring direct-drive motor has a patented built-in catch system and is maintenance free.

Control Box

Unique Smart Start™ HFC1.

Safety Devices Standard
8’0″ high light grid integral with the guide tracks.

Emergency opening via hand chain hoist and spring counterbalance.

Hormann-Flexon Speed-Master® 2600 L

Built-in Light Grid and Hinged Guide Tracks

Standard on the Speed-Master® 2600 L is a light grid built into the guide tracks up to 8’0″ high. Completely free of coil cords, the light grid provides a thorough wall of protection for personnel and equipment in the doorway, as compared to other doors that use only photocells. The light grid also eliminates the need for a panel reversing edge, which is typically vulnerable to damage, resulting in a reduction in maintenance and downtime. Full perimeter draft seals provide dust and odor containment as well as general environmental control.

Two Control Box Choices

A hardwired UL / CUL control box with a 230 or 460 v / 3-phase / 60 Hz power requirement is standard equipment on the 2600 L. Optional is our proven and tested Smart Start™ HFC1 3-phase plug and play control box with is also UL / CUL approved.

Ideal for Demanding Applications

Demanding industries such as manufacturing, paper mills, steel plants, airports, distribution and transit, that have high cycle door requirements, will benefit from the simple and reliable design of the Speed-Master® 2600 L. Design advantages such as zero moving parts within the guide tracks and direct-drive motor, support minimized maintenance for the walk-away dependability busy operations desire.

Our exclusive 5 & 2 Warranty is our promise to you that you can count on our doors to perform according to your standards for many years to come.

Application / Size

Exterior or Interior applications. Up to 20’0″ wide x 24’0″ high.

Operating Speed

Up to 36″ per second up and 30″ per second down.


Patented, sectional panel design, made of ultra tough, reinforced, puncture resistant 1/8″ thick Bulldog XT material, 90 oz. / sq. yd. Panels are connected with heavy duty aluminum hinge profiles.


Two, full-width vision areas made of high quality PVC are standard. Consult factory for additional vision areas.


  • Black
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Grey

Guide Tracks

Heavy-duty galvanized steel.

Direct-Drive Motor

Compact, self-monitoring direct-drive motor has a patented built-in catch system and is maintenance free.

Control Box

Hardwired UL / CUL with 230 or 460 v / 3-phase / 60 Hz power requirement.

Unique Smart Start™ HFC1.

Safety Devices

8’0″ high light grid built into the guide tracks.

Custom Panel Prints

Make an impression with our custom panel prints! Logos, pictures and text may be digitally printed onto our door panels. The images are durable, UV treated and waterproof. The maximum image size is 7’0″ wide x 3’0″ high.

Dynaco M2

Electronic control board with 5V logic. Options included: B2, E2 wiring, timer to close, mid-stop, delay on reverse, maximum run timer.

Manufactured by MANARAS: Opera-H-Jackshaft Operator with industrial duty motor for up to 25 cycles/hour or 100 cycles/day. Electronic control board supplied with floor level disconnect for manual operation.

An infrared photocell, detecting the presence of a pedestrian or a vehicle, immediately opens the door and keeps it open as long as the presence is detected. Height of the photocell: 12” from the floor (optionally up to maximum 24” upon request).

A bottom edge detector opens the door when it hits an obstacle during the closing cycle. This detector is positioned in the bottom part of the curtain.

Standard: 115 VAC. Optional single phase 208-230 VAC, three phase 208 VAC, three phase 460 VAC, three phase 575 VAC.

Frequency: 60 Hz. Circuit protection to be provided by the customer: 8A for 115/1/60, 4A for 230/1/60, 2.1A for 208/3/60, 1A for 460/3/60, 0.8A for 575/3/60.

All indicated dimensions are net: the space necessary for mounting and maintenance has to be provided. Reduced dimensions: upon request.

  • Standard Dimensions: 12′ W x 12′ H
  • Standard Operating Speed: 24 in/s
  • Operating Type: Gear driven, push-pull movement
  • Side Guide: Made of structural channels of 3 5/16″ x 2″ x 1/8″ in galvanized steel.
  • Inner Side Guide: Polyethylene (PE-UHMW 1000); outer section 1/2″ x 13/16″, fixed at the base of the structural channels with springs. This means that the door curtain is stretched between its side guides.
  • Drum: In steel, diameter 4″ x 0.078″, shafts in steel.
  • Door Curtain: Very resistant PVC (27 oz/sq.yd). Available in different colors and provided with side sealing zippers; soft bottom edge design.
  • Motor: 1/2 HP-60 Hz continuous industrial motor. (HP may vary with door size)
  • Motor Cover: Optional

Dynaco the Streamline

Size 50 for a motor of 1 HP and gear reduction ratio 1/28.

Absolute encoder mounted onto the back of the motor.

An infrared photocell installed inside the side guide and detects the presence of a pedestrian or a vehicle. Upon activation, it opens the door immediately and keeps it open as long as the presence is detected. Height of photocell: 12″ from the floor. (Optional: Up to maximum 24″ from the floor).

A bottom edge detector reverses the door when it hits an obstacle during the closing cycle. This detector is positioned at the bottom part of the curtain.

The bottom edge is referred to as a WDD or Wireless DYNACO Detector: A wireless detection system consisting of a transmitter in the bottom bag of the door and a receiver in the control box. The system operates according to the “open loop” principle: when the sensor encounters an obstacle, the transmitter leaves the standby mode and sends a signal to the receiver that immediately opens the door.

Standard single phase 208-230 VAC, three phase 208-230 VAC, three phase 460 VAC.

Frequency: 50-60 Hz. Circuit breakers to be provided by the customer: 10-20 A for 1 HP.

All indicated dimensions are net: the additional space necessary for mounting and maintenance has to be taken into account. Reduced dimensions upon request.

  • Standard Dimensions: 12′ W x 12′ H
  • Opening Speed: 48 in/s
  • Closing Speed: 24 in/s
  • Door Operation: Gravity driven with flexible soft bottom edge.
  • Side Guide: Made of structural channels of 2 1/16″ x 1 1/2″ x 1/8″ in galvanized steel.
  • Inner Side Guide: Polyethylene (PE-UHMW 1000); outer section 9/16” x 9/16”.
  • Side Guide Covers: Composite
  • Drum: In steel, diameter 4″ x 0.078″, shafts in steel.
  • Door Curtain: Reinforced PVC (27 oz/sq.yd) and continuous sealing bead, with flexible weighted soft bottom edge design. Available in different colors.
  • Vision: One vision banner 15” x door width or individual windows 24” x 24” optional.
  • Motor: Standard 1 HP at 208V, 230V or 460V. Motor is VFD driven, Nema 4, 2 poles without brake.

Dynaco Slimline Stainless

Optimize your cleanroom

The DYNACO SLIMLINE STAINLESS flexible, high performance door ensures a tight seal for clean rooms, keeping stable pressure levels and protecting against contaminants. The high performance door enables airlocks that correct pressure differentials, and the flexible PVC door current is pressure resistant. Benefit from significant energy savings while keeping contaminated air out and clean air in with DYNACO’s superior and tight seal.

Minimize air leakage and save energy costs

The fast-action door with rapid open/close speeds limits the time the door remains open. This minimizes the loss of expensive climate-controlled air and optimizes your cleanroom operation. The DYNACO SLIMLINE STAINLESS high performance door requires little maintenance, due to its low-friction side guides, self-reinserting door curtain and few wearing parts. With no rigid curtain elements, this flexible door is safe for staff and equipment

  • Keep open time to a minimum
  • Rapid door cycle of up to 1,2 m/s open speed, 0,5 m/s close speed
  • Conserve energy and reduce air leakage
  • Patented side guides and superior seal design
  • Control pressure levels
  • Pressure resistant flexible PVC door curtain
  • Restrict contaminants and airborne particles
  • Full-perimeter door seal
  • Keep employees and equipment safe
  • No rigid elements to damage objects or injure staff
  • Operate in silence
  • Low-friction technology guarantees silent open/close

Maximum height: 12′

Maximum width: 12′

Opening speed: 48 in/s

Closing speed: 24 in/s

Dynaco Freezer M2

Limit cold air loss and save energy costs.

Quickly move people and products in and out of your freezer room with the DYNACO Freezer M2 high performance door. The superior seal minimizes temperature loss and temperature variation to save energy and costs.

Limit condensation and ice build-up with an optional insulation curtain mounted on the high performance freezer door that produces an additional barrier to keep warm temperatures out and cold temperatures in.

Reduce downtime and save costs.

Avoid the downtime of de-icing with our heated side guides and optional insulated curtain and defrost system. Reduce maintenance downtime with the self-reinserting door curtain that ensures reliability and durability.

Standard soft curtain design prevents hard edge accidents. No rigid bottom bars to injure workers or damage equipment.

  • Conserve energy
  • Short open/close and tight seal control temperature variations
  • Improve refrigeration efficiency
  • Automatic and rapid door cycle optimizes your freezer room
  • Reduce frost buildup
  • Optional insulating curtain and defrost systems reduce condensation
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Self-reinserting door curtain minimizes downtime and maintenance
  • Keep people and products safe
  • Flexible door curtain is designed without rigid components

Maximum height: 15′
Maximum width: 15′
Opening speed: up to 96 in/s
Closing speed: up to 48 in/s


Dynaco Dynarigid

Keep your investment safe.

When interior or exterior security is a concern, the DYNARIGID provides protection with its solid door leaf composed of high-grade aluminum slats. You receive all of the benefits of a high performance door with the protection of a rigid roll-up door that is designed for fast open/close operation to ensure optimized logistics and a continual flow of traffic.

Protect against intruders and bad weather

The solid DYNARIGID high performance door has built-in safety features that protect against intruders while preventing incidents and injuries, with optional transparent vision panels for increased safety and visibility. We’ve designed the DYNARIGID for easy maintenance. Damaged aluminum slats are simple to replace. With appropriate safety measures, the rigid high performance door can continue to operate with one or more missing slats.

Maximum height: 16′
Maximum width: 17′
Opening speed: up to 96 in/s
Closing speed: up t 24 in/s

  • Protect against intruders and bad weather
  • Solid door leaf from high grade aluminum slats
  • Optimize traffic and material flow
  • High opening and closing speed
  • Prevent prolonged downtime
  • The door can continue to operate even with one or more missing lamellas, provided the necessary safety measures are taken
  • Keep people and equipment safe
  • Light curtain integrated in side columns can prevent accidents
  • Enable easy maintenance
  • Replace damaged lamellas easily
  • Add more safety and visibility
  • Transparent vision panels are optional