Our team of experts are ready to work with your facility manager and/or architect with loading dock design from inception. This way we ensure all the specifications needed are accurate and we match the right equipment for optimal performance in your facility. Everything is done to your measurements and capacity requirements. Call today for a free needs assessment.

Loading Dock System Design

Taking Time to Plan Pays Dividends

  • Improve Productivity

    The most obvious benefit of involving our experts at the early planning stage is improved productivity – everything just works better and more smoothly.

  • Improve Safety

    Take proactive steps to improve safety by identifying risks and installing the needed safety equipment from the beginning.

  • Reduce Capital Costs

    Proper planning saves time, reduces capital costs and eliminates the need for future retrofits or upgrades. And proactive maintenance plan can be scheduled and predictable so downtime is minimal.

Critical Design Details

  • Eliminate Costly and Time Consuming Surprises

    Our experts are knowledgeable in design considerations such as minimum distances, standard bay widths, required clearances, maximum capacities, slope grade and more. Critical details like this must be taken into account for a successful project.

  • Experts You Can Trust

    There is always a long list of questions that need answers when you’re planning, equipping, installing and maintaining a loading dock. For answers you can trust, bring your questions to our experts.